Club Fitting*

Three beautiful courses that will challenge and inspire you.

Designed by the best, von Hagge, Smelek, and Baril...number one in Europe and number one in Houston. Northgate's three golf courses beautifully display the design goals established by Club ownership and achieved by von Hagge. First, the courses had to be challenging and compelling as befits a private country club that will host an average of some forty rounds per year for each Member; second, the courses had to be beautiful with the golf holes and play routed so that visual intrusions from surrounding developments beyond Northgate Forest would be buffered by tree and foliage retention on strips of land set aside and designated for that purpose; third, the golf courses should have an uplifting aesthetic presence for golfers, homeowners living on

Northgate's three courses, visitors, and country club guests driving through Northgate Forest and should even create a calming effect for passers by on FM 1960. With lots of von Hagge design magic and the contribution of an abundance of land for golf/greenspace by club ownership, Northgate Forest achieved its original goals and is today a highly visual and beautiful country club community and has become the crown jewel of the North Houston region.

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